• Since 2006, Hankook has been accomplishing track records and podiums in the sport of time attack. The US success has been a long journey, however, bearing much fruit with many positive relationships. It is certainly a grassroots racing movement that had been over-looked, but we at Hankook had seen the positives and benefits in injecting investment into engaging with the sport.

  • Our time attack campaigns had been in correlation with our compound development of the DOT-R Z214 tire pattern. Throughout the past seasons, the Z214 compound make up had been fantastically durable. This durability had allowed us to tackle, not only time attack, but autocross events throughout the US- each bearing success. This toughness and compound speed has also allowed our drivers and customers to compete at the highest levels.

    In 2010, Hankook Tire America continues its venture within the time attack racing realm, strengthening bonds, and participating in our top time attack venues. We’re proud to be a part of the racing passion that our drivers and owners profess and demonstrate in and out of the racing community.
  • Competition Information

    Competition Information
    Name Time Attack
    No.of Race 4Rounds
    Homepage http://www.redlinetimeattack.com/
  • Hankook Tire-sponsored Team

    Hankook Tire-sponsored Team
    Team Sierra Sierra Enterprises, GST Motorsports, Russell Warr Racing, N1 Concepts, AE Performance
    Vehicle Honda CRX, Lotus Exige
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Competition schedule
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